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Sushi Tray
Wonton Soup
Mixed Peas Fried RiceMixed Peas Fried Rice
Peking Style Pork Ribs
Radish CakeRadish Cake
Salmon Sushi Tray
Fried Chinese Bread Bun
Save 20%
Sweet and Spicy Tofu
Gourmet Sweet and Spicy Tofu
Sale price$3.99 /EA Regular price$4.99 /EA
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Salted & Pepper Pork Chop
Salt & Pepper Shrimp Peeled
Sashimi Sushi Tray
Sushi Sashimi Sushi Tray
Sale price$11.99 /Box
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Sushi Tray
Sushi Sushi Tray
Sale price$14.99
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Fried Salmon Rolls (8 PCS)
Save 21%
Dragon Roll
Sushi Dragon Roll
Sale price$10.99 /EA Regular price$13.99 /EA
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Maki Roll
Hot and Sour Soup
Lushui tofu(5pcs)
Soy Chicken Leg 2pcs
Gourmet Soy Chicken Leg 2pcs
Sale price$5.99 /Pack
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Save 23%
Stir Fried beef With Black Pepper Sauce
Gourmet Stir Fried beef With Black Pepper Sauce
Sale price$9.99 /EA Regular price$12.99 /EA
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Soy Freerun Chicken
Gourmet Soy Freerun Chicken
Sale price$18.99 /Box
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Save 6%
Honey BBQ Ribs
$7.99/LB Honey BBQ Ribs
Sale price$15.98 /Order Regular price$16.98 /Order
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Roll Tray Combo-3
Sushi Roll Tray Combo-3
Sale price$14.99 /Box
No reviews
Party Tray Combo-6
Sushi Party Tray Combo-6
Sale price$32.99 /Box
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