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Showing 1 - 48 of 147 products
Dole Banana
$0.99/LB Dole Banana
Sale price$2.97 /Bunch
Avocado-Bag 5pcsAvocado-Bag 5pcs
$3.99/Bag Avocado-Bag 5pcs
Sale price$3.99 /Bag
Jumbo Cantaloupe
$3.99/EA Jumbo Cantaloupe
Sale price$3.99 /EA
Sweet Pineapple
$5.99/EA Sweet Pineapple
Sale price$5.99 /EA
Sweet Papaya
$1.59/LB Sweet Papaya
Sale price$5.57 /EA
Green Kiwi Box
$4.99/Box Green Kiwi Box
Sale price$4.99 /Box
Seedless Watermelon (Big Size)
$15.99/EA Seedless Watermelon (Big Size)
Sale price$9.99 /EA
$2.99/LB Tangerine
Sale price$5.98 /Bag
Local Golden Delicious Apples
$1.59/LB Local Golden Delicious Apples
Sale price$3.18 /EA
Save 38%
Local Gala Apple
$0.98/LB Local Gala Apple
Sale price$1.96 /EA Regular price$3.18 /EA
Save 38%
Canary Melon (Golden HoneyDew)
$0.98/ LB Canary Melon (Golden HoneyDew)
Sale price$6.86 /EA Regular price$11.13 /EA
Ya Pears
$1.99/LB Ya Pears
Sale price$3.98 /EA
Chinese Fuji Apple
$1.99/LB Chinese Fuji Apple
Sale price$3.98 /EA
Red Seedless Grape
$3.99/LB Red Seedless Grape
Sale price$9.98 /Bag
Save 33%
Golden Asian Pear
$1.99/LB Golden Asian Pear
Sale price$3.98 /EA Regular price$5.98 /EA
Organic Banana
$1.49/LB Organic Banana
Sale price$4.47 /Bunch
Shoham Red Pomegranate
$3.99/EA Shoham Red Pomegranate
Sale price$3.99 /EA
3.99/Box Raspberry
Sale price$5.99 /Box
Local Red Delicious Apple 5lb
$6.99/Bag Local Red Delicious Apple 5lb
Sale price$6.99 /Bag
Golden Delicious Apple 5lb
$6.99/Bag Golden Delicious Apple 5lb
Sale price$6.99 /Bag
Save 25%
White Peach
$2.98/LB White Peach
Sale price$2.98 /EA Regular price$3.99 /EA
Shoham Orri TangerinesShoham Orri Tangerines
$3.99/LB Shoham Orri Tangerines
Sale price$5.99 /EA
Hami MelonHami Melon
$1.59/LB Hami Melon
Sale price$11.20 /EA
Green Seedless Grape
$3.99/LB Green Seedless Grape
Sale price$7.98 /LB
Peru Sweet Mandarin (Sweet Murcott)
Sweet Passion Fruit
$2.99/EA Sweet Passion Fruit
Sale price$2.59 /EA
Ontario Gala Apple 5lb
$6.99/Bag Ontario Gala Apple 5lb
Sale price$6.99 /Bag
US Fuji Apple
$2.99/LB US Fuji Apple
Sale price$5.98 /EA
Dragon Fruit
$3.99/LB Dragon Fruit
Sale price$5.99 /EA
Corella Forelle Pear
$2.99/LB Corella Forelle Pear
Sale price$4.49 /EA
Cara Cara Orange
$1.99/lb Cara Cara Orange
Sale price$3.98 /EA
Green Bartlett Pear
$2.99/LB Green Bartlett Pear
Sale price$2.99 /EA
Save 29%
$4.99/EA Honeydew
Sale price$4.99 /EA Regular price$6.99 /EA
Finger Banana
$2.59/LB Finger Banana
Sale price$5.18 /Pack
Red Globe Grape
$3.99/LB Red Globe Grape
Sale price$9.98 /Bag
Ataulfo Mango 14pcs
$25.99/box Ataulfo Mango 14pcs
Sale price$25.99 /Box
Santa Melon
$1.59/LB Santa Melon
Sale price$7.95 /EA
Save 47%
Golden Bosc Pear
$1.59/LB Golden Bosc Pear
Sale price$1.59 /EA Regular price$2.99 /EA
$1.59/EA Grapefruit
Sale price$1.59 /EA
Xinjiang Fragrant Pear
$2.99/LB Xinjiang Fragrant Pear
Sale price$2.99 /EA
Yellow Peach
$3.99/LB Yellow Peach
Sale price$3.99 /EA
Gala Apple
$2.99/LB Gala Apple
Sale price$2.99 /EA
$3.99/EA Avocado
Sale price$3.99 /EA
Red Delicious Apples
$2.99/LB Red Delicious Apples
Sale price$2.99 /EA
Black Seedless Grapes
$4.99/LB Black Seedless Grapes
Sale price$9.98 /Bag
Black Plum
$3.99/LB Black Plum
Sale price$3.99 /EA
Sweet Asian Pear
$3.99/LB Sweet Asian Pear
Sale price$7.98 /EA
Taiwan Guava
$5.99/LB Taiwan Guava
Sale price$5.99 /Pack

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